Get Involved with the Zoo

Expedition Congo, African Forest

Your journey through the jungle begins before you even step into Expedition Congo: African Forest, presented by Fifth Third Bank. As you wander up the path just past the Congo River Food Court, you’ll be greeted by the cheerful squawking of native birds and the rhythmic thumping of forest drums. Before embarking on your expedition, you’ll get your bearings at the Congo River Base Camp and learn about the rich bio-diversity and exotic wildlife you’re about to encounter.

Who You’ll Meet

Along your expedition, you’ll meet the likes of our playful colobus monkeys, inquisitive bonobos and magnificent gorillas, including Colo, the world’s first ever gorilla born in human care. To learn about all the animals you’ll find in this region, visit our animal page.

Just for the Kids

Kids can explore several areas designed just for them throughout the region.
  • Congo Station: This family-friendly area is open seasonally and features face painting and other fun activities.
  • Grange Insurance Stings, Wings ‘n Playthings Park: Kids can explore this play area located just outside the Congo River Food Court.

Connecting to Conservation

While Expedition Congo: African Forest opened in 2000, the Zoo has been dedicated to helping animals native to this corner of the world for decades through numerous conservation projects, including our very own Partners In Conservation (PIC). PIC was founded at the Columbus Zoo on the core belief that if we can help the people who live in the same area as endangered animals, they will in turn help us preserve the wildlife – in this case, the mountain gorilla. Since 1991, PIC has established many humanitarian and conservation projects in Rwanda, such as building a community center and school, funding rangers’ and veterinarians’ salaries, and planting trees to restore the forest, all with the goal of empowering people to protect the mountain gorilla.