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Employee Appearance Policy

All employees are required to maintain an appearance and dress consistent with a professional environment.  While no guidelines can be all inclusive, the following general standards for appearance and dress must be applied consistently.  It is within the discretion of Zoo Management to determine what dress and appearance is appropriate.
Employees in uniform must wear clean, pressed, well-fitting, current-year uniforms.  Non-uniformed employees must wear clothing appropriate to a professional business environment, the job duties being performed, and the amount of public contact.  The requirement of a Zoo uniform will be based upon individual department guidelines.
For those employees required to wear uniforms, socks and closed-toe/closed-heeled shoes must be worn.  Shirts must be properly sized and tucked in unless shirt style is intended to be worn out.  Pants or shorts must be khaki in color.  Stretch pants are not permitted.  If shorts are worn, they can be no shorter than 3" above the knee in length.  No jeans are to be worn except at times designated by the President/CEO, usually during the Wildlights season and January through mid-March. Jeans must be a solid color, clean and without holes.  Name badges must be worn at chest level (unless prohibited by management for safety reasons).  Hats may not be worn unless they are uniform Zoo hats and they must be worn with the bill in front.  Appropriate winter-weather hats are acceptable.
The Zoo provides basic uniforms to all employees who are required to wear uniforms.  Departmental managers will determine uniform distribution. The Zoo will replace basic employee uniforms legitimately damaged during work-related activities.  Otherwise, the general care and maintenance of the uniforms is the responsibility of the employee.   The Zoo will also issue foul weather gear to employees as necessary.  Additional uniform pieces may be purchased at the Zoo’s uniform store at the employee’s expense.
You are required to have your Zoo-issued identification card or other photo I.D. with you at all times when at work, on grounds, or performing any function on behalf of the Zoo.
Upon separation from the Zoo, the employee will be required to return Zoo-issued uniforms.  If the uniforms are not returned, the original cost of uniforms will be deducted from the final paycheck.  Signature on the handbook receipt is permission from the employee to make appropriate uniform cost deduction from the final paycheck. 
Employees may not appear in Zoo uniforms in any pictures, advertisements, drawings or photographs except those approved in advance by management.  This includes online webpages, social networking sites, and other internet sites.  It is not necessary to seek management approval to appear in a photograph taken by a guest or the public during the normal scope of your job. 
Employees who report to work out of uniform without authorization will be sent home to change on their own time.  Violation of this policy can merit disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.
Appearance and Personal Grooming
Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained.  All jewelry must be appropriate to the environment and job being performed.  Pierced earrings, consistent with this policy, are the only acceptable body piercing which may be visible and cannot exceed three sets.  If any jewelry is a potential safety hazard, management has the discretion to have an employee remove his or her jewelry.  Body art or tattoos that are unacceptable or inappropriate in management’s judgment must be covered when working in areas visible to the public.
Hair for all employees must be neat and clean and styled in a conventional manner at all times.  Non-business-like, faddish/extreme hair styles or unnatural hair colors are unacceptable.  Male hair length may not be longer than the top of the shirt collar.  Male employees (with the exception of the Zoombezi Bay food and beverage and aquatics departments) may have short, neatly trimmed, fully grown, mustaches, goatees and/or beards. 

Grooming Guideline Exceptions
The Zoo is proud of the many different people who work for us.  Our diversity enriches our workplace and adds to our success.  Given our diversity, we understand that exceptions may need to be made to our grooming standards for medical, religious, or other reasons.  In these cases, the Zoo will endeavor to reasonably accommodate these exceptions.  The Human Resources Department must be notified and approve of any requested accommodation(s). Employees must be able to provide acceptable documentation for the basis for their requests.  Various department guidelines may exist for the purpose of Federal, state or local regulations and safety guidelines and these may affect the accommodations that the Zoo can reasonably make.