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What:      The program will give you the opportunity to learn about the animals that travel with Jack Hanna.  Discover where they're from, what they eat, and possibly touch the birds, reptiles, and a variety of mammals. 
Who:       Corporate Groups
Where:    At your location.  (Flexible on Travel Distance)
When:      Year Round
Time:       One Hour Presentation.
Cost:        Within Franklin and Delaware counties - $500.  Outside of these counties - $700.  (The fee may increase for programs outside of Ohio.)
How:        Call 614-724-3433 to register. 


Consists of 4 to 6 animals that are presented by handlers as people come and go.  This program is appropriate for events that have other events going on simultaneously, such as a company picnic.  The length of this program is limited to one hour.  Anything longer could potentially be demanding to the animals as well as the handlers.  For this program we need a roped off area or booth where we can display the animals.


Consists of 6-8 animals and is recommended when we have the attention of the entire group.  This is more of an assembly style program. The animals are presented one at a time while a handler speaks about the animal’s habitat, its status in the wild, conservation issues, etc.  The length of this program is anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes but, we stay for one hour to allow time for questions. 

Don’t see a program that fits your needs?

Call us at 614-724-3433.  We will work with you to create an amazing wildlife connection suitable for your group.