Get Involved with the Zoo

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

What:    Videoconferencing programs broadcast live from the Zoo
Who:     Kindergarten - Grade12 

Where: At your school.  Must have access to two-way audio/video teleconferencing equipment that runs at a speed of 384 kbps or higher.  For schools without videoconferencing equipment, ask about using a Mac or PC to connect through FieldTripZoom.

When:  Monday through Thursday, November through March

Time:    Flexible.  Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length

Cost:    $150 per session.  $30 per set of extra materials

How:     To register, please email or call 614-724-3609
Visit the Zoo without ever leaving your classroom! The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium broadcasts videoconferencing programs directly from animal exhibits and incorporates a variety of hands-on activities into every class. Each teacher will receive a teacher packet upon scheduling a program. This packet will contain information and materials for each session, as well as ideas for pre- and post-visit activities. Additional sets of materials are available for $30.
Topics Include:

Kindergarten through Grade Two:

Animals in Every Layer - Travel with the Columbus Zoo deep into the layers of an Asian rainforest.  From the forest floor to the canopy, we will discover animals in every layer.
Nocturnal Animals - Become a night watcher with the Columbus Zoo and see how our five senses compare to those of nocturnal animals.
Underwater Expedition - Dive into the ocean to learn about the underwater habitats of a variety of sea creatures.
Backyard Animals - Join us as we explore North American habitats and discover the plants and animals that live in our own backyard!
Magnificent Manatees - Students will become scientists as we explore these amazing marine mammals.
Penguins - Back by popular demand! Travel and learn about the cutest birds in the Southern Hemisphere. From the cold regions of Antarctica to the warm beaches of South America, come with us to investigate the lives of tuxedo-clad penguins.
Polar Adventure* - Get ready to take an expedition to the arctic tundra! Join us as we discover what to expect on our trip, including the climate, how we’ll travel, the animals we’ll see, and even how to stay warm! We’ll compare arctic animals and their body parts to animals that live here at the Zoo.

Grade Two through Grade Six:

Amazing Adaptations - Go on safari with the Columbus Zoo to discover the special behavioral and physical characteristics which allow African plants and animals to survive.
Circle of Life - Students will be introduced to food webs as they explore the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert.
Endangered Species - Travel around the world to discover the reasons why animals become endangered and what we can do to help.
Magnificent Manatees - Students will become scientists as we explore these amazing marine mammals.
Animal Classification - What makes a penguin a bird?  Do all animals have a backbone?  We will discover the answers to these questions and many more as we explore classification in the animal kingdom.
Friend, Foe or Food? - Symbiosis in Nature-How do some animals survive in the wild? They rely on each other! Meet a variety of animals at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium that are a part of the complex symbiotic relationships animals share such as mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, and predator/prey.  Also appropriate for Grade Seven.

Grade Six through Grade 12:

I Want to Work at a Zoo - Students will explore the career opportunities that a zoo has to offer, and have the chance to engage in a question and answer session with an animal keeper.
Animals in Jeopardy - Climate change and human impact affect the environment in many ways.  This program discusses reasons why animals become endangered and explores solutions to the problem.
Our Changing Climate: Impacts on Wildlife - How is our changing climate impacting Earth’s ecosystems? Discover the science behind climate change with hands-on experiments, and how these changes are affecting critical animal species such as sea turtles, polar bears, penguins, and coral reefs.

Columbus Zoo education programs are aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  Please email for the specific grade level indicators addressed by each topic.
Cancellation Policy: Programs cancelled less than 3 weeks (21 days) before the scheduled date of a videoconference will pay the full price of the program unless they reschedule.  The first reschedule date will be free of charge.  A $30 processing fee will be charged for every schedule change made beyond the first reschedule.
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